Here I am LaoWei


A book from China, about China, unlike any other


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What is an entrepreneur supposed to do when he keeps receiving horror news about his Chinese customers, even though his enterprise enjoys satisfied customers everywhere else in the world?


Bernhard Weßling made a crucial decision. Casting off all prejudices and worries, he moved into the boom-town of ShenZhen, near HongKong. For six years he has now been living in China. He read many books about the country and rejected their advice. Tracing and tracking his own path instead turned out successful.


The author – who is called 'LaoWei' by his friends in China – introduces his readers to China in a different way, narrating in an amusing, exciting and relaxed manner. He launches an explosion of events that is developing faster and faster. Setting out from his own fears and initial contacts, he takes the reader along while building his company and discovering marvellous oases of nature. The sometimes poignant, sometimes slapstick, sometimes profoundly serious scenes interweave to shape in the reader's mind a colourful swirl of moving images.


The book consciously provides no easy advice on how to be successful in China and what should be avoided. But LaoWei's observations and the elimination of his prejudices can change the idea that readers may have about China.


The author illustrates the narrative non-fiction book with 140 vivid photos he has taken himself from popular life on the streets, in parks, and during surprising observations of nature and wildlife in the megalopolis of Shenzhen.