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A reader of the German version of my book, a German living in China since 30 years, has published a book review:


Übersetzung ins Deutsche


He says: "... remarkable, fascinating book ... describes the life of ordinary, and many more extraordinary people ... with great detail, sympathy and humor. ... In adition to the very vivid description of all this encounters, the book contains great pictures taken by Dr. Wessling in and around Shenzhen. ... It’s certainly not a superficial travel-narrative or ‘How to do business in China’ manual, apparently was not intended to be, it’s much more and gives deeper insight into an extraordinary city and its extraordinary people. Highly recommended reading, for those with (past, present or future) connections to Shenzhen and everybody who has more than superficial interest in China."


und hier die Rezension vom gleichen Autor mit etwas anderem Text in deutscher Sprache:


Deutsch-Chinesisches Kulturnetz, Beitrag von Cornelius Müller vom 11. 4. 2011, zu diesem internen Link:


vollständiger deutscher Text and translation of this German review into English here


another German book review / weitere deutsche Rezension:


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Buchvorstellungen in Regionalzeitungen: